izaberi hrvatski jezik

User instructions


U letku (PDF, 5.8MB) za korisnike usluge eduroam možete pronaći sažeti pregled informacija vezanih uz uslugu eduroam s stajališta korisnika usluge.


To use the eduroam service users must:

  1. Possess appropriate electronic identity. For Croatian users it's an electronic identity in AAI@EduHr system. If you do not already own one, use contact form to find the person responsible for issuing and managing AAI@EduHr electronic identites.
  2. Use properly configured client device.
  3. Access the network on one of access locations.

Client setup

User's device must be configured properly. For this purpose it is necessary to use the installer tool. To visit installer tool pages you can use any Internet connection available.


Foreign users

Users whose electronic identity was not issued under AAI@EduHr system, can use eduroam CAT to find their configuration instructions. If eduroam CAT is not available they should contact IT department of the institution that issued them their electronic identity.