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Srce, as a national operator and coordinator of eduroam service, since of the service establishment, works on developing tools that make it easy and reliable configuring user devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) to access the network according to the eduroam standard.

Website https://installer.eduroam.hr/ briefly called installer, allows end users to configure easily and reliably devices (computers, laptops, smartphones), and administrators from home institutions in the AAI @ EduHr system easy setup of data needed to configure their users ’devices.

As part of the GEANT project, a CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool, eduroam CAT) was created, a tool developed with the same goal as installer, but with a wider set of supported platforms and functionalities.

Therefore, we have connected the installer and CAT so that the installer uses CAT for generating and retrieving the required configuration profiles for all supported types of user devices and operating systems.

End users of eduroam in Croatia can still use the installer at https://installer.eduroam.hr. The only change is in the web section interface related to the download configuration for which it will now be used CAT.

There is no change for home institution administrators, they will administer institution data as before.