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Architecture of the eduroam service


Global eduroam service is a confederation or federation which include continental and/or national eduroam services in accordance with established rules.

The national eduroam federations, run by the national research and education networking organisations (NRENs), are the building-blocks of the confederation.

Croatia, which is represented by the University Computing Centre (Srce), is a member of the European eduroam confederation which in turn is part of the global eduroam service.

Global eduroam service is coordinated by GeGC, while european eduroam service is coordinated by eduroam SG as a part of GÉANT project.

Technical organisation

eduroam is based on the global hierarchy of RADIUS servers and the use of the IEEE 802.1x standard. eduroam's use of 802.1x in concert with RADIUS means the network is built around well understood, established, and easy to manage standards which are often already deployed within the network infrastructure of educational institutions. Technical requirements are defined in: eduroam Service Definition (PDF, 617KB).

It is important to notice that user's credentials (username and password) are not revealed to the institution at which an eduroamer joins, but instead are only revealed to their home institution, providing an extra protection for end user's privacy.